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Publish on twitters largest PHP channel.

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Frequently asked questions

  1. What is this all about?
    We want to enable you to advertise your PHP related ambitions with a sponsored tweet on the largest PHP related twitter channel.
    • Are you searching for developers or other tech positions?
    • Do you plan tech events or meetups?
    • Do you organize scholarships?
    • Did you write a book?
    All are welcome topics.
  2. How do I compose a sponsored tweet?
    There are three ways to compose your sponsored tweet:
    1. A Tweet composed of text only
    2. A Tweet composed of a media file only
    3. A Tweet composed of text and a media file
  3. How does linking work?
    Write your links in the form of www.example.com or in case of ssl https://www.example.com into the tweet area.
  4. What is a media file?
    A media file represents a single photo, video or animated GIF.
  5. Which types of media files am I allowed to upload?
    You can upload the following formats: JPG, PNG, GIF and mp4.
  6. Are there any upload limits regarding file size?
    There are limits:
    • JPG, PNG: 5MB
    • GIF: 15MB
    • Video: 15MB
  7. Where does my sponsored tweet get published?
    Your tweet will get published on twitters largest PHP related tech channel @php_net
  8. Who can see my sponsored tweet?
    Your sponsored tweet can publicly be seen by everyone and will be shown in the twitter timeline of 160k+ people.
  9. Which languages are allowed?
    Basically every language supported by twitter is allowed. We think it's always a good idea to publish in english if you want to address most of the community.
  10. Is there any way to schedule the time of publication in relation to the other tweets?
    Generally there will be a maximum of one sponsored tweet every three hours. So it is not possible that there will be any another tweet three hours before and after your tweet was published.
  11. Do you delete sponsored tweets after a defined period of time?
    As of now we don't delete your sponsored tweet unless you requested to do so.
  1. How does the pricing work?
    • Tweet 1
      A tweet composed only of a media file (€299 EUR)
    • Tweet 40
      A tweet with a length less than or equal to 40 chars (€199 EUR)
    • Tweet 120
      A tweet with a length less than or equal to 120 chars (€299 EUR)
    • Tweet 210
      A tweet with a length less than or equal to 210 chars (€399 EUR)
    • Tweet max
      A tweet with a length less than or equal to 260 chars (€449 EUR)
    • Media file added to a text tweet (€200 EUR)
    • One week of exclusive tweet pinning (€200 EUR, max. 4 weeks)
  2. How can I pay?
    You are able to pay with card and paypal. Currently supported cards:
    If you need assistance in paying differently (e.g. SEPA or on account) don't hesitate to contact us, we surely will work out a solution.
  3. Can I get a receipt?
    Yes, absolutely. Prepare your tweet and add an Email address in the next step under "Need a receipt?". After successful payment, your receipt will be sent immediately.