Thank you.

We think it is time to say thank you to our community.

As we always strive to connect more to our professional community, we are making a first step towards opening up some more.

You are now allowed and be able to connect directly to the community, with immediate effect.

Whether job offers, scholarships, conferences or the like: all are welcome topics.
Questions or ideas? You need a more custom solution? Just contact us.

We built a small team to handle your inquiries and to explore a new area where we can produce value for our whole community.

We are convinced that this will have a huge impact on our community and on developers around the world.

* Because of the unhappily misconception of some of our community members we want to clearly point out that we are not affiliated with the official PHP group. We are an independent group of PHP developers delivering release and conference information via Twitter since 2008.

Your team from